Yoga for Kids: Children and Child’s Pose

Beginning to practice yoga for kids at a young age has many benefits

We all know the benefits of yoga. It helps you relax, improves flexibility, increases lung capacity, and builds strength. But did you know that there is specific yoga for kids? Did you know that the kids in your life would benefit from this activity?

If you search yoga for kids, you’ll get a lot of hits on YouTube for different poses you can do with your child! It’s great, it’s fun, it encourages you to be a little more active as well. I see no downsides to this!

Incorporating yoga into your kids routine is easy!

But were you curious about why yoga seems so helpful for your child?

Does Yoga for Kids Actually Help Kids?

This is the question we all really have, right? Sure, it can’t hurt to do yoga with your kid, but wouldn’t they benefit more from something like soccer, or even laser tag where they’re running around the whole time?

The answer ultimately depends on what you are hoping to achieve.

Telles and colleagues wanted to learn more about this topic, comparing the physical and cognitive differences between a group of kids who played conventional sports and a group that solely did yoga for kids. There were many shared benefits, such as improved self-esteem, increased strength, and better performance on the Stroop Test (which basically tests how flexible your brain is). However, it was noted that yoga for kids was related to improved emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience is exactly what Hagen and Nayar promote in their own study. Recognizing that our world is demanding much more of kids these days, especially where social media and school are involved, they turned to yoga as a way to improve child mental health. Are kids equipped to handle the stress? Throughout their research, they noted that yoga improved school performance and emotional balance. Moreover, yoga for kids was essential for strengthening self-regulatory skills.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Evidently, there are physical and mental benefits for beginning to practice yoga at a young age. I probably didn’t need to tell you that. There are also countless benefits to going for daily walks and eating foods that make you happy. But I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should add yoga for kids to your schedule.

  1. It’s cheap: yoga requires little if any money to start. Sure you may want to purchase a mat, especially if you’re attending a class, but if it’s in your own home or outside, there’s nothing wrong with using the floor.
  2. It’s portable: see above. Yoga requires very little equipment, especially for beginners. You can do yoga in the park, in your living room, and sometimes even in bed! Depending on the pose of course.
  3. Free resources: I’m sure there are lots of free resources for many exercises, but I know there are for yoga. Also, as yoga for kids becomes more popular, specific resources become more available, like Kids Yoga Stories
  4. It promotes physical wellness: this fact is pretty much pulled straight from above. Yoga makes you stronger, improves lung capacity, and increases flexibility.
  5. It supports self-regulation in kids: now perhaps this is the number one reason you should practice yoga for kids. Simply, it helps kids learn how to identify their own emotions and prevents outbursts. Now, don’t expect that to happen after one yoga practice, but know that practicing yoga with your child will certainly improve their mental health and emotional resilience in the long run.
Yoga for kids promotes self regulation and emotional resilience, which helps children identify and control emotions.
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Relax With Child’s Pose

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