Super Secret Black Pepper Benefits

Black pepper is a super food

Benefits of Adding Black Pepper to Your Diet

Black pepper is a culinary staple. Pretty much any recipe on the internet will include black pepper (and salt of course) in its ingredient list. But did you know black pepper is a superfood? Black pepper helps us absorb nutrients and more. This article will explore the ways that black pepper benefits you and your family.

Black Pepper Benefits Digestion

Black pepper benefits the diet in several ways, including improving digestion and increasing nutrient absorption
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Black pepper, alongside its unique flavor, has treated countless ailments in Indian folklore medicine, from diarrhea to epilepsy. Masood Sadiq Butt and colleagues knew this and scientifically tested the effectiveness of black pepper compounds in treating a variety of ailments. They concluded that the active compounds in this spice had antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. This means that black pepper can help ease illnesses like arthritis, and has preservative qualities.

Moreover, black pepper benefits nutrient absorption by stimulating the digestive tract. This has implications for curing and preventing stomach illnesses. This nutrient absorption also suggests that black pepper benefits the absorption of medicines and supplements. Improved absorption can improve the effectiveness of these medicines, because we are getting more out of each dose.

Black Pepper Benefits Iron Absorption

Interestingly, eating black pepper also has interesting benefits for women and athletes alike.

Fernández-Lázaro and his colleagues noted that black pepper benefits the absorption of iron. It stimulates the tissues of the lower intestine and increases how many nutrients are available for your body to absorb. Many times, we add more iron-rich foods to our diet but do not actually benefit due to their lack of bioavailability. Black pepper makes those nutrients available to us.

While the above researchers were focused on athletes and iron absorption, it is not new news that many women are iron deficient or anemic (due to that monthly prescription most of us cannot unsubscribe from). Therefore, black pepper is one way that we can make sure we are absorbing the iron we are adding to our daily diet.

Why Should You CARE?

So why should you care about the ways black pepper benefits your health? In the age where many people are looking for ways to improve wellness and health at home, it is essential that we make sure we are getting the most out of the trends we try.

Black pepper is a low risk, usually already used “supplement” that helps improve our health. If you are trying to use turmeric or ginger for its anti-inflammatory benefits, then it is important that your body is actually absorbing these benefits.

That is where black pepper comes in. It stimulates our body to use the nutrients we work so hard to provide it. It also has benefits for memory, digestion, and potentially helps prevent cancer. While more research is certainly needed (and I am in no way telling you that modern medicine is not important or necessary), black pepper is one way we can improve health easily.

The better question would be, why don’t you already care?

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