Save Your Teeth With Bamboo

How to save your teeth?

Dental health is important, but you’re probably thinking that you don’t need to save your teeth. They’re healthy enough, even if your gums bleed every time you go to the dentist. But, did you know that there is an easy way to keep your smile even healthier?

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Some Stats About Teeth

Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Why change it out? For two reasons!

  1. To prevent microbial build up
  2. Ensure your bristles still work

That means, the average person will go through 4 toothbrushes a year, and 320 toothbrushes in their life!

Of course, some people change their toothbrushes less frequently, while others change theirs every time they get sick.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t always the best at taking care of my teeth. Luckily, with age, I have learned to prioritize my dental health.

Healthy teeth are also important to overall wellness! Tooth loss can cause a variety of difficulties, such as:

  • Impaired chewing
  • Altered speech
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Feelings of loss

How A Bamboo Toothbrush Can Save Your Teeth

So we all know the importance of taking care of our smiles. But, it’s not as simple as brushing twice and floss once a day.

For a long time, I thought it was best to brush with a firm-bristled toothbrush. Obviously, that would be better for removing plaque, right?

Imagine my surprise when I switched to a soft-bristled bamboo toothbrush and found that my teeth felt cleaner and my gums felt healthier? I almost couldn’t believe it! I saw an improvement within a week. The dentist didn’t even ask if I flossed regularly the last time I had gone!

But could it be true? Do soft-bristled toothbrushes actually work better?

According to dentists, yes!

Soft bristles allow you to reach those hard-to-reach places without damaging your gums or enamel.

All The Buzz About Bamboo

Save your teeth by buying a bamboo toothbrush!
Photo by Superkitina

How did I make this discovery? Because for me it really was a discovery.

In my article about sustainability and health, I listed a few Canadian businesses that are making huge gains in the world of sustainability. One of these companies was Life Unpacked, a Vancouver-based business that promotes sustainable bathroom products including but not limited to bamboo toothbrushes.

I have been a fan of this company since I learned about its rose-gold safety razor. Only recently, did I try their bamboo toothbrush.

As I shared above, it changed my world! (I am also a huge fan of their silk dental floss.)

My favorite part about this company is that they are quite affordable while keeping plastic out of the environment. For less than $8 (Canadian) you can purchase 2 replaceable brush heads. You can also feel good about taking care of the environment, your teeth, and supporting a small company!

Why It’s A Big Deal To Save Your Teeth

As I mentioned above, losing teeth can cause many problems. More importantly, a healthy mouth is the key to a healthy life. We talk a lot on this blog about holism, and how we need to look at mental health and physical health together.

But often, dental health gets left out of this bigger picture.

The last time I was at the dentist, my dental hygienist shared with me the work she was doing to secure funding from the Canadian government to support those with tooth loss. Unfortunately, this work remains unfulfilled, because the difficulties and cost of dental work are not considered with the same dedication as other medical concerns.

Moreover, dental cavities and infections have increased since fluoride was removed from the public water system!

If public health and governments are not taking your dental health into consideration, then it is up to the individual.

This is why it is important to start taking care of your teeth when you are young by brushing, flossing, and for some, even the use of mouthwash. Moreover, education about dental health is key!

Ultimately, that is why I wrote this article about something as simple, but important, as a toothbrush.

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    1. It really is! And for many people, dental health is their last concern when it comes to preventative habits. That’s why I wanted to raise awareness of how we can truly protect and take care of our teeth.

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