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Questioning the source of information is an integral part of science, which is why I have collected all of my resources here

If you are reading this page, you are likely a wellness advocate like me! If you’re a wellness advocate, then you understand the importance of knowing where we find our information. On the other hand, maybe my article piqued your interest, and you want to delve in deep! Either way, you have come to the right place. On this page, I list the resources that I have cited in my articles for you to read at your own pace (I also link them back to the articles that they can be found in, just in case you haven’t read them yet).

If understanding research is your jam, then enjoy this page to your heart’s content! I update it monthly, so if you don’t see our most recent articles, you can find them here.

Nutrition Resources

For resources on nutrition and diet, see below!
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Nutrition & Food Enjoyment

Nutritional Benefits of Black Pepper

Boost Your Immune System


Is Dairy Inflammatory?

Fad Diet Red Flags


Mind-Gut Connection

Health Benefits of Potatoes


Fitness Resources

I have collected the resources I've cited on fitness and movement below
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Walking the Walk

Yoga for Kids

Winter Activities

Exercise and the Brain

Full-Body Workout

Tight Hips

Active Rest

Staying Active During Quarantine

Pain Theory

Functional Fitness

Self-Care Resources

Peruse the self-care resources below to learn more about different topics!
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Mapping Your Goals


Mindful Coloring

Social Connections & Self-Care

Volunteering Benefits

Financial Self-Care

Representation in the Media

Tidying Up & Self-Care

When Journaling Doesn’t Work


Sleep It Off

Indoor Air Quality

Why NASA Grows Plants In Space