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About Me: A Wellness Mission

Wellness is a choice

My name is Danielle Hauck, and I am the founder behind Science Backing Wellness! My mission is to share scientific research with you in an engaging manner! I am informed by my academic background in Anthropology and Psychology, where I embraced the concept of a holistic and integrated approach to health.

Like you, and many of our subscribers, I was on a path of creating and discovering wellness in my own life. As an undergrad student, my time for classic health trends was limited. I couldn’t exercise when I had an essay to write. If my budget was slim that week, the nutrition value of my meals suffered. When my friends and I planned a weekend of dancing and clubbing, my sleep schedule wasn’t exactly regular.

So, I had to branch out and find other ways to support my physical and mental health. I curated an environment that contributed to my overall wellness.

I started this blog to share this research with you, especially as I continue on my personal wellness journey.

Wellness is a Choice

Photo by Tyler Nix

Wellness, like any lifestyle, is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, it’s not a solution at all, but an active choice to build a reality that supports your wellbeing, rather than a reality that you want to run away from. Even small choices, like choosing a throw pillow, create and sustain wellness in your life.

More importantly, there are reasons why these choices support wellness. And the reasons why others contribute to unhealthy habits and negative cycles. We know that working out can improve mood because of the act of exercising releases endorphins. We understand why meditation is helpful in stopping negative thoughts because we build an awareness of our mind and can recognize when to stop these thoughts.

Researchers are working hard to help us understand how we can build wellness, and why some techniques work for some people while doing nothing for others. More importantly, researchers may be able to tell us if some trends ultimately do nothing at all.

Science for the Public

But Science, as much as we love it, isn’t always written for the public. A mom of three doesn’t want to spend her evenings sleuthing research papers to understand how to support her children’s mental health. Students don’t have the energy to pick up another scholarly journal after writing a 3000-word essay.

To ensure you have access to recent and reliable scientific research, I’ve made it my mission to write about the topics you have questions about. More importantly, I’ll discuss this research in a way that doesn’t make your head hurt.

Informed choices are the backbone of health. What is wellness if not the conscious decision to choose to support your health holistically?

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