Wellness as a Science

Wellness is a science that impacts every aspect of your daily life

We hear a lot about wellness, and this blog seeks to explore the extent of what wellness means.

What is Wellness?

What is Wellness? – Global Wellness Day (2021), says that wellness is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing”. Moreover, wellness takes many forms today. A buzzword like no other, you can find hundreds of blogs to improve wellness. In many ways, wellness means taking control of your health and exists in response to the often-one-sided doctor-patient relationship.

While you can find thousands of suggestions to improve wellness, there are still questions. Does it actually work? How do I make it work for me? Are there damaging side effects? Then there are those who argue that wellness strategies are a hoax – unexplored claims that ultimately are a pit to throw your money in.

So, what is the truth? Who should you believe?

Why We Are All Daily Scientists

We are all daily scientists exploring wellness
Photo by Vlad Tchompalov

This blog explores the scientific basis behind wellness trends. You may remember learning about the scientific method in bio class. Basically, you ask a question and make a conclusion based on observations. While it is more complicated when creating a vaccine or testing rockets, it is a method we all engage in daily.

A toddler dropping an egg learns to grip tighter when the egg breaks. Bakers know the flour to water ratio for bread because they have baked before. It’s easy to know when it’s icy outside when watching people penguin-shuffle as they walk down the sidewalk.

The scientific method is often used to discredit holistic medicine and wellness, but it is also used when people report feeling better after taking a new medication. The difference is not if one is science and the other isn’t, but what tools we use to measure the effectiveness of an experiment.

But, science does not have an answer to everything. And research is limited by who receives funding and which topics are considered profitable. So, anecdotal evidence, Old Wives Tales, and cultural information serve an important role in filling in scientific gaps.

Throughout this blog, I will explore both sides, highlighting sources that contribute to our understanding of wellness. I focus on providing you with the information necessary to make an informed and thoughtful decision about what is right for you and your body.

Happy reading!


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  1. Love this post! Overall wellbeing absolutely had to do with not only yourself mentally but also physically and socially, and even spiritually! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Haley, I quite agree! Moreover, the spiritual aspects often get forgotten in today’s modern world, but that doesn’t make them any less important

    1. Hi Pedrovella, the wonderful thing about the internet is we can all share our different perspectives! If you would like to discuss this topic more, you can connect with me via our contact page. I would love to hear from you

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